It’s time for change………

No longer can we retire knowing we will be okay.

With the increase in life expectancy, retiree’s, are living longer.  There are no assurances about the quality of lifestyle anymore.

And all the  promises are fading away.

Amanda Kelly Jafari and her team at Future Financials are passionate  about helping their clients plan, strategically, in time, and for the future.

Whether you are a teacher, firefighter, security or police officer, medical professional, business owner, or you may have a child going to college. We have strategies that will be tailored, to fit your individual needs.

Start your journey towards a future of financial freedom, by looking  first at our services tab.

Our team will shown you how to create a future that will bring financial  freedom.

Take time to explore this website and find some of the possibilities, that are available to you. As a teacher, firefighter, security or police officer, you may want to supplement your CalSTERS or CalPRS pension and fill that famous financial GAP everyone talks about.

As a businessman or a professional you may want to save tax and at the same time supplement your retirement, or even develop a defined contribution plan for your employees.

From defined benefit plans to just a typical term insurance, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you.

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