4 Ways to Try a Digital Detox This Week

Many of us can’t help but rely on smartphones, laptops, tablets and social media in both our personal and professional lives. This tech-heavy routine can take its toll, and even briefly stepping away from your devices can be surprisingly refreshing.

Here are some tips to help you digitally detox as much or as little as you’d like.

Disable notifications. Turn off your notifications and schedule times throughout the day to check your updates. By not feeling tethered to every email and alert, you’ll be able to better control the information you’re receiving and hopefully reduce anxiety in the process.

Filter your social media. Start examining why and how you’re using social media with the goal of keeping what’s meaningful and deleting everything else. For example, trim your Facebook feed to only include people you truly want to hear from and stop following accounts on Instagram and Twitter that don’t add value to your day.

Create unreachable periods. Schedule breaks throughout the day where you turn off your phone, tablet or computer. Leave your device in the other room while you’re cooking dinner or playing with the kids. Take moments for yourself to live fully in the present: Go for a run, read a book or simply enjoy the company of others.

Ban your phone at night. Buy an alarm clock and sleep with your phone outside of your bedroom or place it in a drawer until the morning. Give yourself at least an hour away from any screens before falling asleep. If an hour seems impossible at first, start at 15 minutes and work your way up.

It doesn’t take much to feel the positive effects of a digital detox. You can still stay connected to the world, but just let it be on your terms.

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